2018 - Changes for Putting Motion in the Movement

The days of our nonprofit status are over.  We will no longer rely on donations to fund The Skook Recovers Project.  A new direction has been found, the future of this project will be earned. 

By Travis "The Featherhawk" Snyder │ Founder of The Skook Recovers  

It was the Spring of 2015, on my 3rd year of recovery, and in the midst of new spiritual growth, that a clear vision was sent to me. The vision was to inspire individuals and communities by using my recovery, my positive energy, and my honest message in combination with many hard earned skills and talents, that by the grace of God,  I diligently developed over the first 3 years of my recovery. Enter The Skook Recovers,  founded in June of 2015, the project began as a simple idea to break stigma, educate, and inspire our communities with real life stories of addiction and recovery. It was also intended to be a source of guidance and basic information for those seeking help.  Whether it be individuals struggling, or family members who have suffering loved ones, our presence was and is still intended to give hope and inspiration as we are able.  Almost immediately,  there was an outpouring of support and participation.  It was overwhelming... and quite frankly very difficult to manage, but it was also and amazing experience to behold.  What happened can not be measured in worldly manner.  Thankfully this unique method of service added a new element for growth in our communities. 

TSR Mission.png

 I quickly took a leadership role and designated myself as sort of the "conductor" in the front of this new "Recovery Train".  Working everyday to keep it moving forward, staying involved, communicating endlessly through email, text and social media, while continuously fueling the fire with the use of videos, graphic designs and social media posts.  All of this while building train cars to allow people to get on track during out journey.


The Skook Recovers openly embraced the opportunity to represent recovery in Schuylkill County.  Every interaction, every display of courage, and every bit of loving energy started molding and shaping the direction of this project.  In 2016, the same mission to break stigma remained, but shifted gears into taking more community action.  It was a year of community volunteer work. The Skook Recovers engaged in street and park cleanups.  This new approach to be more involved with Schuylkill County communities was meant to create greater opportunity for participation from all people willing to volunteer. The combined effort of our volunteers created a profound presence of positive change in our communities. During this same year The Skook Recovers began to work closely with other groups in Schuylkill County and beyond.  The Skook Recovers answered the call many times and engaged with School Districts for educational programs.  In Late 2016,  with the help of donations, I decided to use Legal Zoom to register a nonprofit organization with the state of Pennsylvania to be used for The Skook Recovers.  The registered name for the nonprofit was The Featherhawk Inc.   Soon after the registration was confirmed, I filed an amendment to have the name changed to Unity Evolution Incorporated.  A bank account was created under the name Unity Evolution Inc. and all transactions were recorded for the duration of the nonprofit status.  2017 was a slow year, The Skook Recovers lost the wind in it's sails and I began seeking new direction for the project.  It wasn't until late 2017 when things picked back after an exhausting build of a new framework for community service projects called CCRP's a.k.a Collaborative Community Recovery Projects. This framework was embraced by members in the community of Cumbola.  Our very first Collaborative Community Recovery Project at the Timothy Freed Memorial Park received incredible support.  We had generous participation from local businesses who donated the supplies for our amazing volunteer force to completely rejuvenate a decades old playground.  Without the generous donations and hard work from our volunteers, we would have been able to do this CCRP at the level we did.  It was during this time that something clicked and I was shown a very clear vision that also revealed a concrete future for The Skook Recovers Project and our ability to continuously impact our communities and individuals for years to come. 

This is how it will work 

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