Timothy Freed Memorial Park - Update 10/6/17

Thank you to our collaborators thus far.

Citizens of Cumbola, Blythe Township, Lowe's Home Improvement - Pottsville, Justin's Landscaping, Home Depot, Kut-Up Fitwear, and all the hardworking volunteers . 

TFMP CCRP UPDATE 10-6-17.png

What uplifts your spirit?

One of our bigger hopes is for this project to uplift & bring the community of Cumbola closer together, as well as to give families in the community a safe, clean, and positive place to enjoy time together.  The spiritual part of this Collaborative Community Recovery Project has been shining through from the very beginning.  The support has been tremendous as so many positive elements continue coming together to put great motion in the movement to recover the Timothy Freed Memorial Park in Cumbola, Pa. 

This, being the first project under the CCRP framework, took it's launch as a result of some motivated citizens, detailed project organization,  township approval and generous donations from the community.  Big shout out to Lowe's Pottsville and Justin's Landscaping (570.294.9550) for your donations.  The work began with 3 consecutive days that started on September 29th.  During this time, 11 volunteers came together to tackle the first 2 projects, the bridge entrance and landscaping.  We had fun, we worked diligently, and we found a way to get it done with great detail.  Thank you to everyone involved...the result of our collective effort is profound.  Below is the visual story so far.  The work continues this Sunday as we start on the benches, gazebo and basketball court.   To join our force, sign up here.  


Bridge Entrance - September 29th & 30th.

Landscaping - October 1st