Timothy Freed Memorial Park - Collaborative Community Recovery Project


Written by: Travis "The Featherhawk" Snyder │ Founder/Project Leader - The Skook Recovers

It was July 10th of this year when a citizen of Cumbola reached out to The Skook Recovers' Facebook page.  Her name is Sheila and she asked if we would be interested in doing work to the Timothy Freed Memorial Park in Cumbola. I messaged her back and we arranged a meeting.  At that time I was clueless to about Timothy Freed...heck I didn't even know where Cumbola was.  Before I elaborate I will give a short history on The Skook Recovers and how this project relates to where we are today.

June 2015 began the first year of Skook Recovers.  During this year we experienced a lot of learning and growing our community through sharing a simple message in a unique way.  We used videos and social media campaigns to share the message of hope, recovery, love and freedom from active addiction. We had a lot of great people share their testimonies on our page.  This collective effort inspired a lot of hope and good energy.  Even local news media started sharing our projects.  It really started to show more people that recovery is possible and there are many people from Schuylkill County who are living it today.  I'm forever grateful for all these courageous people and what they are doing to shed a positive light in our area.  

In the Summer of 2016, I organised a few small cleanups in the Pottsville area.  We had some good success in getting people out to give back to the community.  New friendships were formed, love was shared and new ideas started to flow.   These cleanups painted a nice picture that began to show people what recovery looks like. These cleanups not only sparked a lot of good energy, it left a permanent imprint on the direction The Skook Recovers is leading.  They also helped to form new leadership and a branch off known as Carbon Recovers, who are now actively doing similar work in Carbon County.


Here we are late in 2017 with a lot of information and experience from our engagements with individuals and the community.   We learned so much.  We learned where we fell short, where we can improve and where God really wants us to be.  Aside from breaking stigma, offering hope and guidance, answer the call to speak in schools,  and staying active in our county...we are extremely grateful to roll out a beefed up version of our volunteer initiative.  

 CCRP is short for "Collaborative Community Recovery Project."  

The idea was inspired from learning of the many needs in our county.  We see so much devastation and destruction that results from unhealthy lifestyles.  Addiction and substance use disorders have been taking a toll on the quality of life.  The amount of overdoses has been steadily rising, many resulting in death.  Drug related crime keeps the printers running hot in our courthouse and municipal police stations.  There seems to be more fear and isolation in our communities instead of unity, neighborly love, kindness and charity.

That said there has been many great positive forces working hard across our county.  Many people are receiving profound care and love.  There is great healing going on right now.  I hear good news from treatment centers in Pottsville, Fountain Springs and Mahanoy City. There is some incredible grassroots efforts going on around our county.  Tamaqua and Mahanoy City have seen positive hard-working leaders step up in their community.  With so much focus on negative we have to work twice as hard to show people the positives.  


With Collaborative Community Recovery Projects, our plan is to bring the next level of positive actions and growth to our communities.  It's designed to sustain and rides on the back of the positive momentum and support we have been blessed to receive.  It's a framework that gives more people a chance to become part of positive solutions. Solutions that will uplift and unite our communities through the spirit of love, truth, companionship and hard work.  It will create many opportunities for our county and it's communities.  It gives a new learning outlet for young people who are required to do community service.  While doing so they will be around positive role models from which they can relate to.  It gives citizens an opportunity to volunteer their time or donate their good will.  With this there will be personal and collective growth that improves spirit, social consciousness and well-being in Schuylkill County. It gives local businesses and organizations an opportunity to collaborate with our efforts.  By donating time, material and services to keep our volunteers and projects moving, they will find there name "engraved" in these efforts. These projects will create new alliances, partnerships, and friendships, while strengthening the ones that already exist.  It will connect people all across our county who want to repair, grow and build our communities for generations to come.    

My biggest hope and prayer is both the projects and the work will serve communities and individuals in a profoundly spiritual way.
— Travis Snyder 9/17/17

All one would have to do is walk into any county, township or city council meeting and listen about how there is not enough money or paid work hours for sometimes the smallest of tasks.  Tasks that we can very easily adopt...relieving the financial burden and burden to the community..all while giving us avenue to fulfill are about stated "WHY".  From parks, playgrounds, and recreational areas to cemeteries, fire houses, township buildings and special areas within the community - We are ready to consider all needs.

To End

I have personally committed  my life to serving the greater good through this and many other projects.  All things out of great care and concern for people, I'm anxious to have work lined up for years to come.  My biggest hope and prayer is both the projects and the work will serve communities and individuals in a profoundly spiritual way.

God willing, this will be the first of many CCRPs to come. 

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