Jamie Falu

This is Falú, a joyous man who is in long term recovery from a heroin addiction.  Let's give him some love, support and thanks for inspiring our county with his experience strength and hope. 

Q: Could you briefly tell us about yourself?

My name is Jaime Falú everyone knows me by Falú, I was born in Hoboken NJ and raised in Chicago since the age of 7. I been living in the Skook since I left Chicago in January 2010 after getting out of a treatment center in Chicago. A friend of mine that is also in recovery asked me to come stay with her and give myself a chance since every time I got out of detox or a treatment center I would relapse.

Q:  What was your drug of choice?

My drug of choice was heroin.

Q: What is your sobriety date?

I been clean of drugs since 12/05/2009

Q:  Looking back, was there a turning point during your active addiction?

In mid October 2009 I had two overdoses on the same day. That made me think about my life and the people who love me. I have 5 sons and many grand kids that I didn't want them to find out I died of an overdose of heroin so I started to buy suboxone on the streets to try to control my use, but like every time I would fail and use more.

Q:  What is a slogan that best expresses your current point of view in recovery?

Stay clean no matter what, one day at a time.

Q:  What are some daily practices and key aspects in your life that assist you in your recovery?

Even with 6+ years clean & sober I still attend a 12 step program and surround myself with people in recovery. I can't do this alone I need to be around people who understand me and are also trying to stay clean Just For Today.

Q:  As a person in recovery, do you have any advice you could offer to someone looking to get clean?

Don't give up! Any addict can recover, I'm living proof as well as many others in the area. The main thing is to admit you have a problem don't try to get clean for others. You have to do it for yourself. If you can't stay clean for a day try a half a day and if that doesn't work try a hour at a time and surround yourself with people in recovery.

Q: Addiction is affecting so many in Schuylkill County and abroad. It's very saddening.  Any advice to people trying to help their loved ones to seek help?

Do an intervention with your loved ones, don't do more harm by enabling them, we a need to hit our rock bottom some are harder than others but I learned that as long as I had a clutch to hold on to I didn't wanna stop. Ones my loved ones showed me tough love I had to surrender to this disease.

Q: Why are projects like "The Skook Recovers" important in this day and age?

The Skook Recovers project is a good thing it's showing people out there that we do recover and that we as recovering addicts can help each other. The saying once a addict always a addict is a lie today. This project shows that we as a society DO RECOVER.

Q: Could you tell us about the good things that your new life in recovery has brought to you and/or improved, including what you are grateful for?

My new life as a recovering addict has took me places I've never dreamed of, I have held the same job since I've been clean & sober and I have been a productive member of society today instead of the problem I'm trying to help others and share my experience , strength & hope to the still sick and suffering addicts out there. I am so grateful for programs and projects like these and just for today I am grateful for another day clean.

Q:  Anything else you would like to add and/or people you would like to thank?

I would like to thank Travis and the Skook recovers project for letting me be part if this amazing outreach program. The message is this that any addict can recover and live a new happy and Joyous life, one day at a time.