TSR Mission Statement

The history of Schuylkill County spans a time period of over 200 years. More recently and often referred to as "the Skook"," this county is located in the lower half of Pennsylvania's Anthracite Region and it's borders expand to surround some of the most productive farming soils in the state of PA.

Inside of this area residents live in densely populated coal mining towns that were built and remained because of the great demand for hard coal in the mid to late 1800's and on.

Outside of these mountainous mining areas there are sprawling fertile valleys filled with farms and small rural towns, some which still have yet to see a stoplight hanging over there main streets.

Much like the rest of Pennsylvania, when you actually take some time to SEE IT, this area is filled with beauty, with nature, and with an abundance of basic resources that give us the ability to become prosperous and grow our communities in a very positive way.


Yet in this county the beauty and chance to embrace opportunity for positive growth is to often and easily dismissed by what seems like a social consciousness to engage in activities, live lifestyles and make choices that not only limit the use of our potential, but also many times have a devastating effect on our residents and their families.

The Skook Recovers

The Skook Recovers™ is a grassroots nonprofit inspirational & activity based project created for, but not limited to the people of Schuylkill County.

The Skook Recovers™ Facebook page, website and overall project was created for all members of Schuylkill County communities, including people in recovery, struggling addicts, families affected by addiction and those who want to become involved in positive change.


  • Use The Skook Recovers™ Facebook Page and website as a platform for recovering people in Schuylkill County to connect and openly share their experience, strength and hope.
  • Reduce the stigma attached to addiction.
  • Educate, provide information and bring more awareness to the public concerning the addiction epidemic and addiction as a disease.
  • When able - to offer support and guidance to those who are struggling as well as the families and those who are affected by addiction. 
  • Create much needed compassion inside of our communities by addressing and changing how we treat those affected by addiction. This includes evolving the dialect and how we communicate in regards to addiction.
  • Network and work with existing recovery groups, support groups and Schuylkill County towns and cities. 
  • Unite people in recovery with members of the community by actively engaging in local beautification projects and volunteer work.
  • Give character to our county by creating the biggest social movement Schuylkill County has ever seen and felt.
  • Continue creating, innovating and developing ideas that unite people in recovery for activity based support.
  • Create a steady flow of events, moments and inspiration by actively engaging in these goals with the use of all available resources. 
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Traditional methods are not failing but they are falling behind. This is a grassroots recovery project that is becoming one of great importance.  

Why?  You might ask...

It's because we how finally come to the understanding that it is profoundly important for people seeking a better sober way of life, that they have a loving supporting community standing behind, encouraging them during the whole process.


With love, strength and hope for your continued support

-the Featherhawk



Recovery is possible, and it happens inside and outside of meetings, and 12 step programs.

"The Skook Recovers" is not a program, it is an inspirational based project that was created from a spiritual standpoint.  We are not affiliated with any 12 step programs.

This project and and this page fall under the "room full of light." guidelines created by The Featherhawk which basically means positivity in and negativity out.


Added Testimony


I WAS a person who engaged in many of negative activities, lived many of these negative lifestyles and made many bad choices.

Before December 22nd 2011, drug and alcohol use was my favorite activity. As a result of this activity I lived a very selfish lifestyle. In this selfish lifestyle I eventually made many bad choices that hurt myself, others and the people who loved me the most.

Like so many people today, I also struggled greatly because...

-I lived with a sense of entitlement.

-I was lost in what was good for me, or how does that benefit me? I didn't really seem to care to much about the rest of the world, accept when I found a reason to blame the rest of the world for all of my problems and shortcomings.

-I never held myself accountable for my actions.

-I always thought I was a "victim" of every circumstance.

-I couldn't hold a steady job.

Although I learned many things from them, I failed at all my entrepreneurial ventures.

-I overlooked all of the qualities that make us human.

-I only loved when I needed to be loved. I only helped when I needed help.

-I only gave with the expectation of something in return.

-I judged people without even knowing them.

-I never encouraged others, shared hope, or gave strength to those in need.

-I surrounded myself with negative people who were suffering just as I was.

-I was suffering from a disease of the mind that is considered to be insanity.

And the list can go on....

If this list would have kept going, the last thing that I WOULDN'T have been able to type is...

"I died as a result of MY choices."


"I survived AS A RESULT OF making better CHOICES"

One of the biggest choices I made was to surrender to my addiction. By surrendering to my addiction and getting around a fellowship of people who understood my disease I was able to rise up and embrace a more spiritual and SELFLESS way of life. With this spiritual way of life my awareness grew tremendously. And by expanding on the qualities of love, gratitude and forgiveness I began to find my true self.

Being self-aware brought an incredible amount of realizations into my life. The thing I began to realize the most is how important it is that we have a giving aspect to all that we do.

It's only because I understand my disease that this realization is now becoming amplified because of a specific reason. It's being amplified because of how we as a society have mishandled the disease that I am now in recovery from.