Jason Miller

Today we share another testimony of recovery in "The Skook".  Let's show some love support and encouragement for Jason Miller, as he continues to inspire us with his art, energy and humble words filled with strength and hope. 

Q: Could you briefly tell us about yourself?
A. I am Jason EnGN Miller currently student,artist,in recovery and, a soldier in the Army of God.

Q:  What was your drug of choice?
A. Since my early years I have had alcohol and drugs within reach. My drug of choice later in my young adolescence become opiates before that a lot of L.S.D,alcohol,marijuana,PCP and Ecstasy. A textbook garbage head.

Q: What is your sobriety date?
A. My sobriety date is January 5,2012.

Q:  Looking back, was there a turning point during your active addiction?
A. I know my life changed once I just stopped running from God's Love while incarcerated in S.C.I. Huntingdon. My mother always wrote me while in prison and I would get upset about it not ever saying anything about the neighborhood, it was always about prayers and Christ Jesus the King. It was to the degree I wouldn't even read the entire contents of the 10 page  handwritten letters. One day I read a little more and it flipped a switch however I ended up in Administrative Segregation for 220 days in 2013 during the first installment of 120 I was receiving medications stemming from a Motor vehicle accident in 2011. I didn't seek medical treatment at that time because of warrants. The medications I was administered I had an adverse reaction to things common place like "count" confused me my body was out of whack I couldn't use the bathroom I couldn't sleep and I couldn't concentrate. While in the Hole I was thinking about why I always turned to using and why I always always ended up in prison so much and so often. I was just thinking about pain .( I wrote a poem about it on Facebook called Broken Pieces). I digress, I thought about those closest to me, the ones I did NOT allow into my recreational and selfish existence because I didn't want it to stop. I told no one ever of the severity of my addiction at its highest or when it actually began. All I can say is that I started sobbing broken on my rack in solitary confinement. Thinking I would either die and go to a bubbling slime pit for eternity or lose my mind and go totally insane in prison. These were my only fears. I prayed and meant every word and He heard me and revealed the lies I was being spoon fed by me and by mainstream influences like music especially. (there's some really nasty stuff out there.)
Q:  What is a slogan that best expresses your current point of view in recovery?
A. My slogans are " if you don't stand for something you will fall for anything; but it's all in how you stand for it. 

"Evil triumphs when Good men stand by and do nothing"." I used to think about getting myself some new shoes then I turned the corner and saw the man with no legs."
"Bad company corrupts good morals"."I can't stop the birds from flying overhead; but I can stop them from building a nest their." 

J.O.Y. Jesus 1st Others 2nd Yourself 3rd or last.

Q:  What are some daily practices and key aspects in your life that assist you in your recovery? 
A.  Key aspects are where I keep my spirit.  What I mean is while I was using and in my selfish self and my flesh, I used to be like a vicious wolf. When I became sober minded and born again as a new creation I took on a new dog a sheepdog something like that. Everyday they fight and wage war till the death. Someone asked me in Christian alternative to addiction meeting in my old city. Which one wins? My answer was which one I choose to feed the most.

Q:  As a person in recovery, do you have any advice you could offer to someone looking to get clean?
A.  I would suggest to someone if they asked me what helped me was the way I spoke about my current situation am I going to allow what someone says about my life dictate the course of my life? Absolutely NOT! It cannot be for them over there or this one here, it has to touch you and mean something! Because I'm a human being in not perfect nor will I ever attain a level of being perfect, I'm going to disappoint you. I don't intend to but let's keep it 100. Don't half step this because it could leave you dead.

Q: Why are projects like "The Skook Recovers" important in this day and age?
A. I wasn't ever big into recovery groups I did go to some over the years. To me this is exciting I am committed to healing not only our community but the masses Lord willing. It's something this community has been lacking. It's an awesome thing to grapevine information and share life or death insight with one another - in love not pride. So many lives didn't have that opportunity to make it to today. We made it your a MIRACLE!! That's right I said it!

Q: Could you tell us about the good things that your new life in recovery has brought to you and/or improved, including what you are grateful for?
A. I am grateful for a bed to sleep in. Clothes on my back and food in my belly. Oatmeal is better than NO meal!

Q:  Anything else you would like to add and/or people you would like to thank?
A.Without a hesitation I thank Adonai, Christ Jesus the King Hallelujah Yeshua the precious Holy Spirit. My parents Arthur Miller and Donna Green for the endless prayers and encouragement throughout the skirmish. I thank C.B.I. Christian Alternative to Addictions, Rocket and Gena most off all I thank you guys for caring and giving your all everyday. Thanks for this opportunity to write a book here today, it's never about me. It's an honor and a privilege God Bless you Comrades, your prayed for this community is prayed for know that!